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The first SoCal League Outreach Tour was a success. It was a clear
case of quality over quantity. Though numbers at each tour stop were
modest, those that did come came with the intent to get the jump on
forming a club. It is possible that we may see up to 5 new clubs as a
direct result of the tour. To put that in perspective, we grew from 14
to 19 clubs from year 1 to year 2. We will likely see our first club
in Kern County making it clubs in 9 out of 10 SoCal counties. With
the passionate help of you, our dedicated coaches, we are introducing
a whole new generation of student athletes to the lifelong sport of


Though the 2010 season ended only two months ago most existing clubs
and some forming clubs have an idea of what size their clubs will be
next year. To assist with planning, could a coach from each club
please send their estimate of the number of racing riders they
project for next season. It is likely that we will race in two
divisions next year with larger teams racing Division 1 and smaller
teams racing Division 2. These divisions are based only on team size
and have nothing to do with skill. It is a way to break the race day
into three waves (if necessary) as well as a way to have similar size
teams competing against each other in the Team standings. Your
projections will assist us in making decisions on what will
constitute a Division 1 and Division 2 team in SoCal next year as
well as how we might structure the race day. If you have a composite
club that will be breaking into multiple clubs please list the
estimate for each club. Estimates can be emailed to with the subject line 2011 club size projection.


There are several important dates to add to your coaching calendar.
More information will be forthcoming but the dates are firm at this

" October 23-24, 2010. SoCal Leader Summit

Annual coaching conference. Riverside.

" January 15-16, 2011. SoCal Wilderness First Aid for Mountain Bikers

First Aid training for coaches and interested volunteers and riders.
Location TBD.

" February 19. Paramount Ranch Roundup.

Fun fundraising ride for both the League AND the clubs to be held at
Paramount Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation

NICA coaches have the option of taking course material through other
leagues. The following are available through the NorCal High School
Cycling League:

" August 21-22, 2010. NorCal Wilderness First Aid for Mountain Bikers

Mill Valley. Information available at

" October 16-17, 2010. NorCal Leader Summit

NorCal League area. Location TBD.

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